These chisels have Walnut Handles, Brass Ferrules & Guaranteed for 5 Years

Diamond File Card Set 3pce Colour-coded diamond sharpening files for sharpening pocket knives, chisels, router cutters and small hand tools. Includes coarse 180 grit (blue), medium 260 grit (yellow) and fine 360 grit (red).

Real wood storage case

Ideal for delicate woodcarving yet durable enough to withstand tough jobs

Fully Polished Blades

Hardwood walnut handles with deeply seated tangs & brass ferrules.

Basic sharpening instructions included.


4 x Straight Gouges - 6.3, 9.5, 15.9 and 25.4 mm blade widths.
2 x Straight Chisels - 6.3 and 12.7 mm blade widths.
2 x V Straight Parting - 9.5 and 12.7 mm blade widths.
1 x Spoon Gouge - 19 mm blade width.
1 x Spoon Chisel - 19 mm blade width.
1 x Curved Gouge - 12.7 mm blade width.
1 x Skew Chisel - 12.7 mm blade width.

Gouges are designed with a concave blade to remove wood without causing splintering. The depth of the curve or sweep determines the depth-of-cut. The set includes straight gouges with medium sweep.

Set includes both straight edge and skew edged styles. Straight edge style are used to smooth out cuts. Skew edge style is ground at a 23 degree angle and are useful for carving in tight corners.

Used for outlining carving patterns, cutting narrow grooves and corner finishing.

Spoon shaped bits are useful for detailed concave carving and shaping.

Used in place of a straight chisel to reach deeper recesses of the wood.

Used in place of a straight gouge to reach deeper recesses of the wood. Ideal for hollowing out and for concave carving such as the inside curves of bowls.

Please Note: Woodcarving chisels will require final sharpening prior to their first use.

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Quality Wood Carving Chisels,set of 12, Walnut Handles, With Diamond File Cards PAC2

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