Sharpening/Tool Care

Care and Maintenance for your tools and cutters

Diamond whetstones allow fast, clean stock removal, with less effort and time required and can be used on a variety of cutting edges. When using diamond whetstones certain guidelines should be followed to ensure lasting performance.

All tooling should be cleaned before sharpening, resin build up should be removed with resin cleaner Ref. RESIN/100.

Diamond whetstones require a ¨break in¨ period. Initially the diamond surface will seem coarse and will become smooth over a short period of time to the desired grit.

Do not apply too much pressure. Diamond is extremely abrasive and what would normally take 5-10 minutes on an oil stone will be achieved in approximately 30 seconds.

Use the recommended Diamond Abrasive Lapping Fluid as a lubricant (see below).

Clean diamond whetstones regularly with a cleaning block Ref. DWS/CB/A and do not store in damp conditions.

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